Maximize Your Tax Return

When the Tax Codes changed under the Trump Administration, many Americans were left to wonder why they are not receiving the full tax refund. Yes, it is true that the code is designed for business owners! This means that for the working class American, especially those who have no children or dependents, that biggest portion of taxes will be paid by you. I teach people all the time that a “refund”, is essentially your money back after you have loaned it (interest free) to the federal government. Of course you can benefit from tax “credits” for having children and associated child care expenses or having attended school. However, the BEST way to MAXIMIZE YOUR TAX REFUND, is to become a small business owner. If you are a W2 income owner, you need to find a side GIG, as it will help your dollar go further. Owning a home based business is an easy way to ensure tax shelter, and you benefit from over 400 items that could be utilized for a write-off. Think about it, what if you partnered with us , and was able to write off things such as: rent/mortgage, television, clothing, vehicle, dining out, training, flight, hotels, electricity-you every day stuff? Understanding how to turn these things into business expenses, is a great way to start positioning yourself for wealth. Think of it like this… you get to travel, invest in personal development, and generate revenue from that…AND it becomes a tax write-off? Yep. What are you waiting for? You need to click on the link above to find out how you can partner with us, and work from the comforts of your home, and max your tax return.

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