Saving Money In 2021

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I am believing this to be the Year of the Unprecedented Favor. Meaning what you expect to manifest is possible. As you think about your Financial Goals for this year, be sure to write them out, be specific, and exercise discipline.  If you are needing information on setting a budget, maintaining or improving your finances, we can assist you with that. Please reach out for a 1:1 consult.

In the meantime, here are 3 Easy Money Saving Tips for 2021:

  1. Always pay yourself 1st. As a Christian, I believe we should pay God 1st (10%) and then give yourself another 10%. Now, you have 80% left to use towards bills and other obligations. The idea here is not to pay bills, and then be broke. Build a savings for emergencies and investments for the future. Once you title and pay yourself (savings/retirement fund) then you manage the other 80%.
  1. Write down your recurring expenses. If you don’t know where your money goes each month, you’ll never be able to track it and control it. Don’t fear this! It will actually allow you to see what your expenses are and compare it to your income. If you have more bills, than income the solution is easy: get another stream of income. We can help you with that too !
  1. Be a conscientious spender. If you must spend, ask yourself if those things you are buying are ADDING VALUE to your life or not. Focus on INVESTING in self development and income producing activities, as opposed to frivolous spending that will yield nothing financially. If you have to spend, look for sales. Purchase things on clearance and never be the person that has to has something because “it just came out”. That is a for sure way to overspend on things with very little long term value.

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