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When impact is the fuel which drives a business and the destination is changing as many lives as possible, Keedric & Michelle W. Cofer are the vehicles of change and are speeding your way. 

This Power Couple knew when they got married in 2014, that God was calling them to a great purpose. Early in the marriage, Michelle would experience over 8 months of unemployment, which posed a threat to their finances. Though they lost a lot, and both their credit scores were in the 500s for over 2 years the knew  that God had a plan. 

With much prayer and planning, they began to execute their vision for entrepreneurship, amidst their economic hardships. Keedric had served in multiple managerial roles in Corporate America, while Michelle had years of leadership as a Human Services professional. They transitioned their professional expertise and business acumen into entrepreneurship. In 2016 they founded a Business Extravaganza in their hometown of Washington, Georgia which aimed at identifying, inspiring, and providing resources for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In March 2017, Keedric lost his job in Corporate Banking, and the couple saw this as an opportunity to intensify their entrepreneurial pursuits. Keedric identified an opportunity to invest and partner with a reputable Credit Restoration company, and Cofer Financial Group was born.  They both saw incredible results with their credit scores improving. Keedric had a 54 point increase within 30 days, and Michelle’s score jumped 101 points in 42 days. 

This intensified their passion to reach more people, and brand expanded rapidly. After 11 months, Michelle was able leave her job, and now they are both full-time entrepreneurs. The Cofer’s have built a nationwide presence and have helped thousand of families  move towards financial freedom and excellent credit. Today,  Cofer Financial Group has evolved and now offers Tax Preparation & Coaching for new and aspiring Tax Pros, Business Coaching, Financial Workshops, & Mindset Coaching. They are both published authors and public speakers. Their rise from adversity has caused them to develop a passion for helping others, especially the underdog. The Cofer’s have received several awards for their Servant Leadership. They understand their call in the marketplace, and are committed to providing financial literacy and helping families to restore, build, and maintain excellent credit, while developing a healthy money mindset. Not only are they building a legacy, but they are also giving others the opportunity to do the same.


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Because we understand credit and finances are a touchy subject, we maintain full confidentiality . You can expect to work with a team of trusted professionals. ​In addition, there is  NO CONTRACT and you can qualify to earn FREE SERVICES.